Behavior Expectations

The following items (Code of conduct, Behavior Expectations) state clearly what is expected of each student that enters my classroom. My number one rule is RESPECT and it is to be followed at all times. This very word directs every action and decision that I make in my life; therefore, I expect my students to learn its meaning and how it ought to serve them in theirs.

In order to assist students with relating the areas of respect that I list here with an expectation they are familiar with, I have included the Behavior Expectations from St. Michael as they might align with my Code of Conduct.

I am asking that both parents and students read and discuss these expectations as students initially enter my class.

Classroom Code of Conduct…

I will…
…Respect my education and the education of others.
…Respect each other both mentally and physically.
…Respect my teacher or any other adult that enters this room.
…Respect the equipment, classroom, materials, and projects of others.

Behavior Expectations vs. The Code…

  1. Keep hands, feet, and object to yourself.
  2. Ask permission before touching another person’s property.
  3. Use encouraging words when talking to others.
  4. Accept responsibility for your actions.
  5. Keep a positive attitude.
  6. Follow directions the first time.
  7. Raise your hand before speaking.
  8. Voices off and eyes forward when someone is speaking.
  9. Accept help graciously and offer to help others.
  10. Do your personal best.
  1. Respect…physically
  2. Respect…materials
  3. Respect…mentally
  4. Respect…everyone
  5. Respect…education
  6. Respect…teacher
  7. Respect…others
  8. Respect…others
  9. Respect…others
  10. Respect…yourself

Online Code of Conduct

I will…
…Post comments on student work in a manner that is constructive that improves the work of others
…Use Google services and other classroom online tools in a respectful, responsible way
…Make sure that all my work is my own
…Assist others to improve their understanding of the material we are learning